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Grandmother Moon and my Grandma Lottie

Grandmother Moon and Buffalo Reflections I carry into my truth and reconciliation work these next few weeks

Last night after I tucked myself into bed and was reading, I snuck outside to have a visit alone with grandmother moon. I don’t do this every month, and where I live most full moon evenings the sky is thick with cloud coverage, making it an energetic connection with no visual. But last night it was clear, and I didn’t have excuses of work to ruminate on, or precious hours ticking away before I spent time with a client… I had space to be still and talk with the moon. I sat staring up at the perfectly circular being, beaming with life with her glowing moon rays in rings surrounding her.

I remembered that one time in ceremony the ancestors showed me the way they surround each of us in energetic rings of glowing light, either in the greens of the aurora borealis, the white of the moon or the golden of the sun. They said that each ring is a generation out from us, until it all began. I saw this white moon ray rings and I recognized the ancestors there, the light pulsing as if to wave at me “hello”.

I watched for awhile, happy to feel them near me, as I prepare to teach and hold space this week helping non-indigenous people in their truth and reconciliation work. I take the responsibility seriously and want to honour all the ancestors, past present and future in what I do. I also ask for connection and guidance from them to come before I do this work, as it is as much for and with them as it is for me and the people who come.

Holding my Grandma Lottie's moons, while thinking about her and wishing we had known each other in human form.

I heard a whisper that moon is my connection not only to “the ancestors” but a more specific connection to my paternal grandmother, who I never met, but who held the culture I long for in her being. I remembered that the only item of hers that I own is a metal moons windchime. They say that metal and wood can hold the energetic presence of people much stronger than synthetic materials. In essence I have a small piece, a connection to her, that fits into the palm of my hand and usually sits into front of my work desk. I looked up at the moon again in gratitude for this reminder and saw a buffalo kin inside it, slowly arching and relaxing it’s back. The buffalo shares that the time to release and rebirth something new is coming for me. Beautiful medicine that I will sit in, feel into and carry with me into my work these next two weeks. It is time to shred what isn’t aligned and move into what is. And maybe it is for you as well. If you feel called to join me, the workshops are free for more information and to register, follow this link.


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